Renovation WTC Rotterdam

Upgrade high-rirse
WTC Rotterdam will be an even more attractive place to do business. The upgrade of the high-rise is quickly taking shape. Three floors have been renovated at the moment, the 5th, 13nd, 20th floor. The renovations improve the appearance, climate and sustainability of the building. The ambitious total concept will be done in phases. All renovated floors in the high-rise will be fitted with climate ceilings which will be raised, and the lift lobbies and toilets will be refurbished. The whole appearance will be lighter; there will be daylight control; LED lights will be fitted; and the curve of the building will be accentuated by an alcove. Further, the general spaces will be divided differently to create a more open impression.

Coming together
One driving criteria behind the multi-year plan is that tenants meet each other more easily within the walls of the building. This underpinned the plans for the renewed floors. The spaces are available for one tenant, but can be divided up for several entities. A panoramic view of the city overlooking all the landmarks is guaranteed. The underlying principle is to foster more contact with the city of Rotterdam from the building.

WTC Rotterdam tenants should experience little or no nuisance from the building work.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints concerning the renovation of the WTC Rotterdam, please contact the Servicedesk:
T +31(0)10-405 4464 

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